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Currently the Sleep Position Trainer is available in various countries in Europe. Contact our local distributor for more information on the availability in your region.


Only on prescription from your specialist

If your general practitioner thinks there is a chance you have sleep apnea they can refer you to your closest specialist center. The official diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome can only be made by an ENT specialist (Ear, Nose and Throat), a pulmonologist and/or a neurologist. The specialists often work in teams for this purpose.

In order to establish if you have sleep apnea (and to determine whether or not your apnea is positional) you are asked to sleep with special equipment for one night.

If you are diagnosed with positional sleep apnea, position therapy can provide a good solution. The Sleep Position Trainer can be requested in a consultation with your ENT specialist, pulmonologist and/or neurologist.

Your specialist will contact the local distributor of the NightBalance Sleep Position Trainer. The distributor will contact you for a further follow-up.

Your doctor can only prescribe the Sleep Position Trainer if you have undergone a sleep examination.

Local distributors

All distributors of the Sleep Position Trainer are carefully selected by NightBalance. The Sleep Position Trainer will be delivered personally with support on how to use them. If you have any questions concerning the Sleep Position Trainer you can contact our local distributor.