Only available on prescription


You, as an ENT or pulmonologist, can determine if your patient’s sleep apnea is positional by conducting a sleep study (supine AHI > 2x non-supine AHI). If you deem position therapy to be suitable for your patient, you can apply for the Sleep Position Trainer. You can contact our local distributor for more information.


Inclusion criteria


Currently strict criteria are used to determine whether your patient can receive the Sleep Position Trainer. These criteria are derived from previous studies and give an indication of the patient group which can benefit from position therapy. The following is a list of the key criteria:

  • Has a supine AHI at least twice as high as a non-supine AHI;
  • Has been diagnosed with having light or moderate OSAS
    (5 ≤ AHI < 30);
  • The latest PG or PSG is less than 3 months old;
  • Sleeps during the night at least 10-90% on their back;
  • Has the motivation and expectation to use SPT;
  • Has access to a computer and is computer-literate;
  • Has access to an email address.


It is not recommended to use the Sleep Position Trainer for the treatment of patients with the Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome, or patients who are only able to sleep in the supine position because of specific problems resulting from a shoulder or back surgery, back pain or osteoarthritis.

Local distributors

All distributors of the Sleep Position Trainer are carefully selected by NightBalance. The Sleep Position Trainer will be delivered personally with support on how to use them. If you have any questions concerning the Sleep Position Trainer or how to submit an application, you can contact our local distributor.