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Software support

Software support


Download software


The data on your Sleep Position Trainer can be displayed through the use of our program: SPT Connect.
On this page you can download the SPT Connect software and you can find our installation and user guides for the SPT Connect software. The software is only available for Windows.

Note: The SPT Connect Software is not suitable for the SPT Experience devices. Contact your supplier to read out the SPT Experience.

SPT Connect – Installation

Installation and user manual


For guidance on installing and using the SPT Connect software, download the PDF-manual* using the link below.
* In order to view the PDF-manual, you need to use a PDF viewer. Download and install Adobe PDF Reader.

SPT Portal Manual


Log in on the website


In order to log in to the NightBalance website, you need to create a user account.
During the installation of the software you are prompted to register a user account.

Go to https://portal.nightbalance.com or click on ‘log in’ in the menu to log in to your user account.



Notification of the Internet Explorer Smartscreen filter




This program gives you advice on how trustworthy an installed program is based on the number of times the software has been downloaded. Due to the fact that the SPT Connect software has only recently been published, this warning is displayed. When this notification is displayed, click on Actions. A new screen is displayed with more information about the SmartScreen-filter. Click on Proceed Anyway in order to commence the SPT Connect software installation.