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NightBalance introduction
NightBalance’s Sleep Position Trainer contains an active sleep position sensor and offers a new treatment for positional sleep apnea, patented and developed with research support from the Delft University of Technology. The Sleep Position Trainer is a light, small device which through the use of an ergonomic strap is worn on the chest. This prevents patients from sleeping on their back in a comfortable and effective manner. Sleeping on the back is the most important cause of apnea. This way the device helps reduce sleep apnea patients’ (and their partners’) sleep loss and subsequent problems.



Sleep Position Trainer
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Sleep Position Trainer
introduction video [English]


Sleep Position Trainer
product explanation [English]


User Session 2015
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About NightBalance


In the Netherlands over 95% of hospitals are prescribing the Sleep Position Trainer. Currently we are selling our sensor in 9 European countries, and the device has been clinically proven in over 35.000 nights of clinical research.
Since 2010 the medical technology innovation funds Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund and the Health Innovation Fund have been involved with NightBalance, as of 2013 Van Herk Ventures participated and as of 2016 Inkef Capital and Gilde Healthcare participates as well.
The innovation of the Sleep Position Trainer has won numerous awards at its introduction such as the Philips Innovation Award (2008), Liof Yeah! (2009), New Venture (2009), the NGI Venture Challenge (2009) and the Product of Outstanding Interest at the ERS (2015).

For more information please contact us via info@nightbalance.com or call us at +31 (0) 15 7009700..