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The Sleep Position Trainer

The Sleep Position Trainer


How it works


The Sleep Position Trainer (SPT) measures your sleep behavior continuously. Once you turn in to the supine position, this normally happens during lighter sleeping stages, the SPT gives a gentle vibration. This reminds you to change its sleeping position, without disrupting the natural sleep architecture. The SPT is worn in a comfortable torso strap around the upper body. In addition, the SPT comes with software to analyze the progress of the treatment.


Innovative features increase comfort of the SPT


SPT Comfort Program

The SPT Comfort Program helps you get used to sleep in a non-supine position by gradually reducing the amount of supine sleep. The first two nights the SPT only measures the sleep behavior. From the third to the tenth night, the SPT slowly builds up the amount of feedback. This improves the acceptance of the SPT.


Automatic personalized feedback program


The SPT automatically adjusts the vibrations to your needs. The feedback program contains eight different vibration levels and five different vibration patterns.


• High compliance
• Easy to maintain
• Does not disrupt sleep
• Reversible
• Combination therapy possible