Specialists support

Specialist support


On this page we hope to quickly provide you with the support which you, as a specialist, may need. Such information includes identifying which patients are suitable for position therapy and how you can prescribe the Sleep Position Trainer.


Has a patient got POSAS?

Scientific research has shown that many OSAS-patients have a higher frequency of airway obstructions when they are lying on their back than when lying on their sides. When there is a marked difference in the number of airway obstructions between lying supine and non-supine, one speaks of Positional OSAS (POSAS).

POSAS is defined as OSAS with an Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) of at least two times higher when lying supine than when non-supine (supine AHI > 2 x non-supine AHI). Research has demonstrated that in approximately 50% of light and moderate OSAS cases, the OSAS is positional.

Calculate POSAS easily online

Below you can quickly calculate if your patient has positional sleep apnea and which AHI will remain after position therapy on the basis of the PSG data, using the total AHI, the supine AHI, and the percentage supine sleep.


The Sleep Position Trainer can only be prescribed by an ENT- or lung-specialist. If you have established that your patient’s sleep apnea is positional and you expect position therapy to be a suitable treatment, you can prescribe the Sleep Position Trainer by applying to our local distributor.


Digital leaflet for specialists


If you would you like a summary of the Sleep Position Trainer you can download the digital leaflet here.
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Online registration manual for specialists


To be able to view the sleep data of your patients online, you need to register in the NightBalance web portal. If you wish to do so, please, download the step-by-step manual here.



Digital medical background


If you would like a summary of the medical background you can download our digital leaflet here.

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Further questions

NightBalance is the manufacturer of the Sleep Position Trainer. We rely on distributors in different regions to supply the SPT to patients, and to provide basic support of the device for those patients. If you have any questions concerning the Sleep Position Trainer, you can contact the distributor for your region.


If you have specific questions concerning the technology, please contact NightBalance at support@nightbalance.com.